Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Long Silence

This is what concerned me about starting a blog: The Long Silence. It is not that I have given up the search, it is just that the rest of my commitments (family, work, The Charis Project) have suddenly taken up all my time and energy so now all I can do is experience the reality of the gospel in midst of my life or not. It is kind of a spiritual "put up or shut up" situation. If the gospel is for real and something that is without shame it needs to keep being real even when you are not looking at it. That is, if the gospel doesn't continue to make a real difference in your life even when you are not thinking about and meditating on it then the gospel you are dealing with is a load of dingo's kidneys and you should start looking for a different one.

Life is the original research of theology.

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