Tuesday, January 31, 2012

On A Mission From God

I was recently in Thailand doing the part of my job as the CEO of The Charis Project that I find most difficult and invigorating and that puts me in the greatest danger of growth and transformation.

I had the privilege and pleasure of spending the trip with my brother and co-founder Wayland Blue. He and I are alike in many ways that we are both divergent from the main population. In the way we think and in our attitudes. We have a great deal of mutual respect and push and support each other in ways that no one else does or can.

This trip was particularly taxing for the Blues Brothers. We, however, take the struggle as a birthright. A great honor we have been entrusted with. Because of the incarnation, because God became human and thereby took into himself humanity, and because of the Spirit that has made us brothers and heirs of the salvation that Jesus has already won, our struggle is direct participation in the very action of God in effecting that salvation in the very dirt of history. Because we are sons of the living God, born of the Spirit and caught up in the very life of Christ we are rulers of the universe. We look at the world and in all truth say, "we own all of this." Because of the incarnation this is our world. We have been given back the dominion that Adam and Eve lost. It is ours to subdue, not as a foreign beachhead but as our rightful inheritance.

We are not settlers or besieged villagers holding out for reinforcements. We are giants of salvation and forgiveness walking the face of the earth. We are not victims of spiritual warfare or disease or the military industrial complex. We are the agents of subversive redemption wherever we step. It is by the active power of our Father that we succeed and fail and in failing we still succeed; such is the radical depth of God's subversive grace. We are not victims, we are free and willingly take on the weight of our freedom in the shining face of the Lord.

This is yours also, the kingdom of God is at your very hand. There is no act so small or menial that it cannot be world shifting.

Go forth and rule.

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