Thursday, April 5, 2012


can't breathe
the beast it keeps coming
hold on a little longer
why can it keep coming
cut again
the walls so close
attacking through water yet it moves freely
tired, hold on
moving to my side
thrusting arc, too slow
only a scratch, but
at least a scratch
futility so thick I can feel it
shock as it hits me
it is home
it's home
not mine
aching body
it plays with me as I struggle to fight
fight through thick water
struggle to breathe
the beast keeps coming

why don't they help
why don't they kill it
they keep yelling but the sound doesn't travel

it connects hard
my stomach wrenches

why do they hold the knife that way
I can control it better with this grip
push through the thickness
another scratch
it doesn't care
it is so quick
here it comes
most of the blow on my blocking arm

get up, get up
why didn't we get better weapons

my leg

they cut


struggle to stand
hold on, a little longer
I can control the knife better with this grip

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