Saturday, September 3, 2011

Light in the Skeletons

Salvation comes to us when we believe? We are saved two millennia ago in the work of Jesus? I tell you the truth, the heart of salvation for all humanity is the same fiery core that that threw this universe into being.

That divine fiery core pursues humanity with the fierce love of a parent bent on rescuing a broken-minded, willful, lost child bent on suicide.

So many of us see God as a pissed off stepfather or a disappointed crusty old grandfather. Our existence in this fractured world thrusts this view deep into our collective psyche. When I reflect on the stupidity and futility of existence in this world it looks like we are children lost in a house of horrors where we run to escape or cover our faces to try not to see. In this darkness filled with things we know should not be The Ancient of Days, our loving Father, chases us, follows us, tries to take hold of us. However, terror-striken as we are, we mistake Him for yet another specter and run down another dark hallway. He would embrace us, take our hand, point out the peeling rubber on the mannequins, walk us through the house, show us how to turn on the lights and make the place a joyful place to live.

The joyful, loving light of the universe is loose in the house of horrors and he is out to get you.

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