Wednesday, September 21, 2011

This is a Life of Epic Beauty

I want to better see and articulate the epic beauty of our situation.

We have been made, called and empowered to make concrete God's subversive redemption in the very middle of this world. Experientially our participation in this redemption comes in the form of a struggle, a struggle that we quite literally embody. Being in the world but not of the world,we have within us both life and death where as the world only has death.

Our recognition of and conscious participation in this struggle that we embody is the core of our witness in the world. It is in this struggle that we discover (and I really do mean discover just as much as if we were to discover a new continent) our creative participation in that redemption. It is not that we conquer death in ourselves but that we recognize our actual place as the nexus or the point of contact between life and death in this world. In this conflict we constitute the presence of God in this world.

Wounded soldiers who experience the injury as well as the healer's power, healing us and healing the world through us.

It is an existence of radical freedom and flux out of which we are truly empowered to act in this world; not according to the logical historical progression of things but rather as the meeting place between here and eternity.

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